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Muted VOD terrible Hunter PoV

Kill Vid - Resto Shaman PoV

Kill Vid - Ele Shaman PoV

BRF Heroic Loot Sale Runs

Khary posted Apr 30, 15

Blackrock Foundry Heroic Loot Run: 225,000g - All Mainspec loot + most offspec loot. 10/10 Heroic Clear

     As we have completed the tier we are once again ready to sell Heroic Blackrock Foundry Loot runs! It will be a run of about 25 or so people set to standard loot (~5+ items drop off every boss) of which you will get all items of your selected mainspec and potentially any offspec pieces you would like as well and will cost 225,000g for a full run. This gold must be on either Windrunner or Darrowmere however your character does not as cross-realm Heroic raiding is enabled.  

Contact me in game via battletag for details, questions, or scheduling at Maboshi#1454 or on either of my characters Khary or Karthak, both of whom are on Windrunner.